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for the terminally impatient

An already-built anki deck is available which you can ★DOWNLOAD★HERE★, try it out; just download and import.

If you are using Android and don't have a Japanese font installed, you should also import this font apkg.

what is this

This is a careful edit of a now-defunct Anki deck for learning kanji via Heisig's "Remember The Kanji" compositional method. Credit goes to the original authors for most of the stories.

What is special about this deck is that the kanji and primitives are fully cross-referenced in static html files, so just by clicking you can see all the corresponding stories by keyword.

It's also fully open source so you can modify the stories or reuse this whole project in some way I haven't even thought about.

Anki screenshot Browser screenshot

project status and future work

This is incomplete; only the first ~1300 kanji (according to Heisig's sorting) have been entered. Anyone familiar with Heisig's book is painfully aware of the fact that the kanji are not arranged by frequency or usefulness. Once the full set has been entered, my intent is to re-sort the kanji so that they are arranged by frequency (or by school grade) while maintaining dependencies (for example 升 should come before 昇 since it is part of it). Because of the full cross-referencing that establishes dependencies between kanji/primitives/radicals, this should be easy to accomplish programmatically.

how to build from source

Instructions here.